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Step 2 | Create Your Own Pool Package | Size and Shape

Top Ledge
Pool HeightInstallationWarrantyUpright Posts
9" All Resin top rails with Resin interlocking caps52" Pool Wall HeightInstalls Above Ground and Semi-Inground30 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty, Lifetime warranty on Resin Components6" Resin Coated Steel Uprights with Resin Foot Collars
 Round Pool Prices
SizeRegularPool Sale
12' x 52"$1750$1173
15' x 52"$2000$1340
18' x 52"$2150$1441
21' x 52"$2500$1675
24' x 52"$2800$1876
27' x 52"$3300$2211

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     Oval Pool Prices
SizeRegularPool Sale
8' x 14' x 52" $3000$2010
8' x 16' x 52"$3100$2077
8' x 19' x 52"$4200$2814
10' x 16' x 52"$3050$2044
10' x 18' x 52"$3300$2211
10' x 21' x 52"$4250$2848
12' x 18' x 52"$3100$2077
12' x 21' x 52"$3400$2278
12' x 24' x 52"$3850$2580
14' x 20' x 52"$3650$2446
15' x 23' x 52"$4100$2747
16' x 32' x 52"$5400$3618
18' x 33' x 52"$5300$3551

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Long Life and Easy To Care For
A HAMPTON NBS Oval aboveground pool is engineered for long life, easy care and more usable yard space. That brings the ultimate in style to your yard, in a fun, flexible shape. Available with a space-saving no brace system (NBS).

Narrow Buttress System (NBS)
The Narrow Buttress System (NBS) is a unique engineering design for an aboveground oval pool. Traditionally, above ground oval pools have large triangular butress structures running along each side. While this produces the oval shape it takes up valuable yard space. The NBS has eliminated this problem to produce an oval aboveground pool that takes up less room in the yard.

     A-Frame Pool Prices
SizeRegularPool Sale
10' x 21' x 52"$4400$2200
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Hampton A Brace
The Hampton A Brace oval aboveground pools have large triangular buttress structures running along each side of the oval (see diagram). These A braces measuring out about 32" from the pool wall. While taking up more yard space, the A-Brace system is a more cost effective way to putting an oval above ground pool in the backyard.